Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Mendez Contracting LLC is a licensed kitchen and bath remodeling company that specializes in altering the structure of existing space and building one from the ground up. It Will not only give you the tools and equipment needed to transform one or several spaces in your home, but it will also provide the experts who can help ensure that your home is transformed to meet your vision. We are one of the leading Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Reisterstown, MD specialists. We deal with complicated previous builder´s work and new construction.

You might wonder why we often specialize in both kitchens and bathrooms, but if you think about those two spaces, they actually have a lot in common.
Kitchens and bathrooms include an abundance of fixtures that require careful planning and installation, including sinks, faucets, tubs, and toilets that all need water hookup and drainage. They also use similar materials, such as tile and stone for countertops and flooring, due to the nature of their use. So it makes sense that kitchen remodelers and bathroom remodelers be one and the same.

Right from planning and design to project management and through all phases of construction, we will be present to make your project a successful one. From baths and kitchens to whole-house plans, we can transform any room to add more value to your place. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we provide high-quality work at great prices! The passion for what we do has empowered us to create an excellent reputation as a home renovation contractor.

We condition architectural plans from page to reality. We are professional kitchen & bath remodelers: Woodworkers & Carpenters, Kitchen & Bath Designers, Interior Designers & Decorators, Architects & Building Designers, General Contractors.